Sylvia Witteman

Sylvia Witteman


Minestrone: What would Sylvia prepare, if the daughters of the American president Obama came for dinner? Minestrone soup, with recipe! Dutch text with cheerfull illustrations in acrylic paint by Nanne Meulendijks.


Author: Silvia Witteman (1965) attracts lots of readers with her cookery books and columns in Volkskrant Magazine and Linda. She is well known for her honest and easy-to-prepare recipes. Full of self-mockery she is writing about food and her household in the USA.


Illustrator: Nanne Meulendijks is an independent artist and quickly reached the top in Holland as an illustrator. Her work appears in nationwide newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad, NRC Next, AD, Trouw and Volkskrant. She is working as well for the publishing firm Lannoo (Children's books).


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