Arthur Japin

Arthur Japin


Het Lied van de moeder: With the knowledge of the little boy who knows he has to become a man'. Dutch text with suggestive acrylic painting by Nanne Meulendijks.


Author: Arthur Japin (1956) was an actor and became publicly known as an author with his novel 'The black with the white heart' wich was translated worldwide. His third novel 'A beautifull absense' was crowned with the 'Libris Literature Award' and found hundreds of thousands of readers. In 2006 Japin wrote the gift for the 'Boekenweek'. His novel 'The surrender' appeared in almost 200.000 copies and received the 'Dutch Public's Award'.


Illustrator: Nanne Meulendijks is an independent artist and quickly reached the top in Holland as an illustrator. Her work appears in nationwide newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad, NRC Next, AD, Trouw and Volkskrant. She is working as well for the publishing firm Lannoo (Children's books).


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