Anna Enquist

Anna Enquist


ALT: The guests are waiting while the mother is busy in the kitchen. Dutch text


Author: Anna Enquist is the pseudonym for Dutch writer Christa Widlund-Broer. She was born in Amsterdam in 1945 and grew up in Delft. She studied clinical psychology in Leiden and then studied piano and cello at the Conservatorium in Den Haag. In the 1980’s she returned to Amsterdam and became a psychoanalyst. Enquist began writing poetry and in 1991 published a collection called ‘Soldatenliederen’ (Soldier’s Songs). It was awarded the C. Buddingh Prize. In an interview she cited a link between her psychology work and her poetry explaining it is a question of balancing analysis and feeling.


Illustrator: Guy Swart was born on Sumatra, Indonesia, a stone’s throw from Medan, in 1955. He is an autodidact and followed lessons in painting and sketching with various artists. In 2007 he illustrated the collection “De Kam” by Rogi Wieg.

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