Joost Zwagerman

Joost Zwagerman


Die overvloed: Dutch text.


Author: Joost Zwagerman (1963-2015) was a Dutch writer, poet, and essayist. Joost Zwagerman made his debut with the novel 'De houdgreep' in 1986. His second novel 'Gimmick' reached a much wider audience. He wrote his third book, 'Vals licht,' in 1991 and was awarded the 'AKO literatuurprijs'. 'Vals Licht' was the basis for a movie by Theo van Gogh in 1993. Zwagerman's work has been translated into twelve languages. Besides books, Zwagerman also published poetry and essays. His first bundle of poems was published in 1987 'Langs de doofpot'. The Awater poetry prize was awarded for his most recent bundle 'Roeshoofd hemelt'. Joost Zwagerman was also active as a columnist for the Dutch newspapers, previously for the Volkskrant and since 2001 for NRC Handelsblad. Additionally he was the host of a Dutch television programme 'Zomergasten' and appeared in theater with the Dutch writer Ronald Giphart. In January 2008 Zwagerman was awarded the 'Gouden Ganzeveer' for his work as an extraordinairy addition to the Dutch written culture.


Illustrator: Deborah Campert (1938) was active in the world of art under the name Deborah Wolf. First as owner of Galerie Balance and later as advisor of the ABN Amro Art Foundation. She was responsible for the purchase and management of the ABN Amro Art Collection for over 20 years. In 2008 she and her son Jeroen Wolf made the documentary 'Willem' and in 2012 'The rhythm of Elly de Waard'. In 2010 her book 'C'est la vie' was published with co-author Barbara van Kooten.


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