Yasmine Allas

Yasmine Allas


Hommel:. Dutch text.


Author: Yasmine Allas (1967) is an actress and writer of Somali origin. Allas father was murdered in 1977, and eight years later, she escaped abroad. In 1987 she arived in the Netherlands and took a drama course before acting. Her debut novel 'Idil, a girl' appeared in 1998. In this novel, where a Somali girl tries to survive the hard Somali community, the subject of female circumcision plays an important role. Allas is one of the six women Dirk Verhofstadt wrote about in his book 'De derde feministische golf'. On November 2 in 2005 Allas spoke at the commemoration for Theo van Gogh.


Illustrator: Marion Bloem (1952) is a Dutch writer, artist and filmmaker. Bloem made several short films. The 'Tovenaarsleerling' received the Award 'Cinekid' and several other nominations. Her documentary 'Het land van mijn ouders' was in the top ten list of films playing in theaters. In 2007 she began with the production of her first theatermovie 'Far from Family', based on her novel. Marion Bloem is also active as an artist and exhibits her paintings regularly in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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