Marion Bloem


Een lege tas: Naughty flirting without words as only woman can do... Dutch text.

Author and illustrator: Marion Bloem (1952) is a Dutch writer, artist and filmmaker. As a writer she broke through to the general public with her literary debut 'Not just an ordinary Indonisian girl'. Bloem made several short films. The 'Tovenaarsleerling' received the Award 'Cinekid' and several other nominations. Her documentary 'Het land van mijn ouders' was in the top ten list of films playing in theaters. Bloem began in 2007 with the production of her first theatermovie. The film is called 'Far from Family' and is based on her novel, accompanied with music from Alex Britti. Marion Bloem is also active as an artist. She exhibits her paintings regularly in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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