Herman Brusselmans


Vragen van liefde: A man asks himself questions about his relation with his wife. Dutch text.


Author: Herman Brusselmans (1957) is a Flemish novelist, poet, playwrighter and columnist. Brusselmans studied Dutch and English at the University of Ghent, and gained widespread popularity in the early 1980's as part of the new generation of young Flemish novelists that included Tom Lanoye and Kristien Hemmerechts.  Not only his work contributed to his stardom, but also his media appearances. He used to have his own television show, and still appears regularly on talkshows. He also has a weekly column in HUMO. Bold, straightforward statements and comments have become his trademark throughout the years and always attract attention. This trademark cost him several lawsuits. Brusselmans is immensely popular and one of the best-selling authors in Flanders.

Illustrator: Marion Bloem (1952) is a Dutch writer, artist and filmmaker. Bloem made several short films. Brusselmans and Bloem met after their debut by the publishing house 'in de Knipscheer'. Bloem once presented a new novel by Brusselmans in Antwerp. Now both of their novels are being published by publishing house 'Prometheus'. Bloem invited Brusselmans to join her making a Matchbox. Bloem exhibits regularly as an artist and usually makes illustrations and covers for her own books.

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