Sophie van der Stap


Orlando: Is having two first names enough to experience all kinds of adventures? It is when your name is Orlando-Williams. Dutch text.

Author: Sophie van der Stap (1983) is a Dutch writer. The Barlaeus Gymnasium and her travelling brought her to study political science. This road was abruptly interrupted in 2005 when she was told she had cancer. She wrote all her experiences in her battle against the disease over 54 weeks in a weblog and a personell diary, and debuted in 2006 with her novel 'Girl with nine wigs'. In April 2008, her second novel 'A blue butterfly says hello' came out. In February 2011 her third book came out called 'And what if this is love'. Sophie currently works and lives in Paris, the film version of 'Girl with nine wigs' was released in 2013.


Illustrator: Selwyn Senatori is a popular Dutch Neo-pop Artist. His unique and modern style is a big international success. He mainly works with acrylic paint on linnen but he also uses chalk, pensils and spray cans. He owns a big studio/gallery in the city centre of Amsterdam named DownTown 75. This New York-style loft in brings you back to the Pop Art scene of the 80’s.



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