Hanna Bervoets


Jurk: Dutch text with supporting illustrations by Dubravka.


Author: Hanna Bervoets (1984) is a Dutch writer, journalist and columnist. During her studies Hanna wrote movie reviews and short columns and worked as a freelance journalist for various newspapers and magazines including Marie Claire, Elsevier Theme and nrc.next. Since 2009 Bervoets has a column in the 'Volkskrant Magazine'. Bervoets debuted as a writer with her novel 'Of Hoe Waarom', and won the 'ScriptPlus HvA Debutant of the Year' award. 


Illustrator: Dubravka is a vibrant artist with many talents. Her paintwork is marked by humor, symbolism and a vigourous use of clear colours. Dubravka regularly exposes at home and abroad and has won various international prices with her work. Since not so long ago she is wholeheartedly working with literary authors.

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