Henny Vrienten


Aardige jongens: Dutch text with supporting illustrations by Frank Bierkenz.


Author: Henny Vrienten (1948) is a Dutch singer, bassist and composer. He became known to the general public as a singer of the band Doe Maar. After the band stopped in 1984, Vrienten made solo albums including a single with Herman Brood (Als je wint). Vrienten devoted himself increasingly to writing film music, for which in 1996 he received a 'De Zilveren Harp' prize. Vrienten wrote music for the series like' Congo', the musical version of 'Ciske de Rat', and composed songs for the television program 'Het Klokhuis'. In 2008 'Aardige jongens' appeared, an album made with his friends Frank Boeijen and Henk Hofstede.


Illustrator: Frank Bierkenz (1958) was originally a designer / illustrator. I n recent years, while working as editor / designer, he focussed mainly on three of his great passions: writing, drawing and painting - often in the form of short cartoons. In 2007 he illustrated a poetry book for older children 'Dingen verzinnen' written by Herman Pieter de Boer.

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