André Kuipers


Viridis: Dutch text with supporting illustrations by Luc van den Abeelen. André Kuipers took his own MatchBoox into space to the International Space Station ISS, where he was on a half years mission.


André Kuipers (1958), is a Dutch astronaut at ESA. After Wubbo Ockels he is the second astronaut of Dutch nationality who went into space. In 1991 Kuipers was involved in the experiments that were performed in the so-called Spacelab and space station Mir. In 1998, Kuipers was selected for astronaut, and in July 1999 he joined the European Astronaut Team. Like other European astronauts Kuipers took part in projects concerning the construction of the International Space Station ISS. In 2007, the asteroid (11244) was named after him.




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