Charlotte Mutsaers


Sodom revisited: Dutch text with supporting illustrations by Louis Gauthier.


Author: Charlotte Jacoba Maria Mutsaers (1942) is a Dutch painter,   prose writer and essayist. As an artist she makes paintings, she has designed stamps, illustrated cultural magazines (Vrij Nederland) and designed book covers. She started writing when she was about 40 years old. In May 2010 Charlotte Mutsaers received the P.C. Hooft Award.

Illustrator: Louis Gauthier (1981-2019) was a creative producer, composer and multimedia designer. Gauthier broke through in November 2009 with the album Dansen op Spijkers on a collaboration with writer and poet Gerrit Komrij. The album was published in the form of a CD-book. Totaal Loss with Jules Deelder became his successor. Previously he produced the CD Verder Kijken in collaboration with Spinvis and Ingmar Heytze. Gauthier completed his film and television studies at the Utrecht University with his Master's thesis Cobra and Camera, in which art is connected with experimental film.


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