Peter de Wit


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Author: Peter de Wit (1958) is a renowned dutch cartoonist. At the age of seventeen he made his debut with the comic Jochem in 'The Kennemer'. When he worked for the cartoon magazine Eppo he made the cowboy-cartoon 'Stampede' (later renamed 'the Cowboys'). In 1985 together with Hanco Kolk he made the character 'Gilles de Geus' and the two page strip 'The Familie Fortuin'. From 1988 Gilles apeared in the cartoon magazine 'Sjors en Sjimmie' and in 'Veronica Magazine'. In 1992 de Wit and Kolk made a program for Teleac about comics- and cartoon-drawing and launched the caracter 'Sigmund'. Since 1984 'Sigmund' appeares in the national newspaper 'De Volkskrant'. In 1999 Peter won the award 'de stripschapprijs'.

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