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Jan Mulder


Ware liefde: A touching conversation with writer Harry Mulisch about unconditional love between people and their pets. Dutch text with matching illustrations by Marion Bloem.


Author: Jan Mulder (1945) is a former Dutch soccer player, columnist, author and television personality. In Belgium, playing soccer for the Brussel soccer club, he became national champion four times. During his soccer career he played five times for the Dutch national team. As a columnist he wrote among other magazines for HP / De Tijd and Elsevier. Till 2006, together with Remco Campert he wrote the CAMU column on the front page of the national newspaper 'De Volkskrant'. Until April 2006 he was connected to the television talk show Barend & Van Dorp.  As of October 2008 Mulder is analyst in the television program 'Studio Soccer' from the NOS. Today Mulder is seen as permanent guest at the table by the daily VARA televisionshow 'De Wereld Draait Door'.

Illustrator: Marion Bloem (1952) is a Dutch writer, artist and filmmaker. Bloem made several short films. The 'Tovenaarsleerling' received the Award 'Cinekid' and several other nominations. Her documentary 'Het land van mijn ouders' was in the top ten list of films playing in theaters. In 2007 she began with the production of her first theatermovie 'Far from Family', based on her novel. Marion Bloem is also active as an artist and exhibits her paintings regularly in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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